Sing and Shout

Sing and Shout: The Mighty Voice of Paul Robeson
by Susan Goldman Rubin
from Highlights

This comprehensive biography, written by the celebrated nonfiction author of Coco Chanel and Give Us the Vote, Susan Goldman Rubin, who explores the tumultuous and passionate life of activist, singer, and actor Paul Robeson.

When faced with the decision to remain silent or be ostracized, Paul Robeson chose to sing, shout, and speak out. Sing and Shout: The Mighty Voice of Paul Robeson explores how Robeson’s love of African American spirituals and deep empathy towards the suffering of others drove his long, fervent mission as a civil rights activist and his career as an artist. Although he was also an actor, singing was Robeson’s defining talent and where he could best express himself. After exploring socialism, Robeson was targeted by the U.S. government for speaking out about discrimination against African Americans and for his political views. He was labeled a communist during the height of the Cold War and found himself stripped of his U.S. passport. But Robeson never gave in and continued to perform and speak out.

The book is based on Rubin’s extensive research, including fieldwork in Harlem and in Princeton, and Somerville, New Jersey, and at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Included are an author’s note, resources, source notes, index, and a preface by author Harry Belafonte.


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