Families Belong

Families Belong by Dan Saks illustrator Brooke Smart from Rise x Penguin Workshop A rhyming, light-hearted celebration of families being – and belonging – together. Families belong Together like a puzzle Different sized people One big snuggle This deliciously warm board book is an appreciation of the unconditional love and comfort shared within a family. Through a handful … Continue reading Families Belong


Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color by Monique Fields illustrator Yesenia Moises from Imprint / Macmillan A young multiracial girl looks around her world for her color. She finally chooses her own, and creates a new word for herself―honeysmoke. Simone wants a color. She asks Mama, “Am I black or white?” “Boo,” Mama says, just like mamas … Continue reading Honeysmoke