Families Belong

Families Belong
by Dan Saks
illustrator Brooke Smart
from Rise x Penguin Workshop

A rhyming, light-hearted celebration of families being – and belonging – together.

Families belong
Together like a puzzle
Different sized people
One big snuggle

This deliciously warm board book is an appreciation of the unconditional love and comfort shared within a family. Through a handful of specific yet universal scenarios, from singing songs together to sharing food together, from dancing together to lying still together, this book invites the youngest readers to celebrate what it means for a family to be truly together.

Families Belong precedes Families Can and Families Grow, also written by Dan Saks and illustrated by Brooke Smart.


Dan Saks is a musician and music educator specializing in early childhood education. He has lived and taught in New York, Mexico City, and Switzerland and has traveled the world as a performing musician. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Brooklyn, where he produces Noodle Loaf, a popular music education podcast for kids. A Top 10 Apple Podcast in Music Education for Kids and a 2018 Discover Pods Nominee for Best Kids & Family Podcast, Noodle Loaf builds on the fundamentals of music through play and the exploration of musical genres and silly sounds . . . lots of silly sounds.


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