Dematerialized: The Mysterious Disappearance of Marcia Moore

Dematerialized: The Mysterious Disappearance of Marcia Moore
by Joseph DiSomma and Marina DiSomma
from Post Hill Press

The baffling true story of Marcia Moore – heiress, astrologer, and yoga master – who sacrificed her well-to-do life to study metaphysics and experiment with a mind-bending psychedelic, until her mysterious disappearance in 1979.

On a bitterly cold night in January of 1979, the heiress to the Sheraton Hotel fortune vanished without a trace. This is the true story of Marcia Moore – daring author, yoga teacher, astrologer, and occultist. She experimented with the psychotropic anesthetic ketamine, in the same vein as Timothy Leary’s consciousness-expanding research with LSD. Her interest in psychedelics has only added to the wild theories about Moore’s mysterious death in the four decades since.

Psychics, astrologers, and armchair sleuths have all had their say. Now it’s time to set the record straight. In 1980, famous true-crime author Ann Rule referred to Marcia’s disappearance as “probably the strangest case I have ever written about. One day, there may be answers.” After years of painstaking research, this book reveals those answers about a case as multifaceted and intriguing as the woman who perished so tragically. This is the story of a bold woman, raised well-to-do and just a stone’s throw from Walden Pond, who took the road less traveled – and paid for it with her life.


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