UnStuck: Rebirth of an American Icon

UnStuck: Rebirth of an American Icon
by Stephanie Stuckey
from Matt Holt Books / BenBella Books

Discover the inspiring firsthand account of Stephanie Stuckey’s rise to CEO upon suddenly acquiring her family’s beloved yet struggling brand, which had become a “whatever happened to . . . ?” fading memory for most Americans.

Stephanie Stuckey’s remarkable journey unfolds in UnStuck, a memoir that will inspire and captivate. When she unexpectedly becomes CEO of her family’s company, Stephanie embarks on a mission to revive both the business and her family’s legacy. Armed with her grandfather’s wisdom and fueled by an unbreakable emotional connection, she sets out to turn the company’s fortunes around.

Stuckey’s, a roadside oasis for generations of travelers along America’s highways, fell into disrepair after decades of outside ownership. When Stephanie Stuckey, granddaughter of Stuckey’s founder, is offered the chance to buy the business, she takes it, seeing something that isn’t apparent in the bleak financial statements: an emotional connection that she and generations of road trippers had with the brand.

UnStuck weaves Stephanie’s compelling narrative with her grandfather’s rich history. Finding inspiration and insight into both business and life in her grandfather’s business documents, Stephanie leans on her past to craft a strategy for the future, determined to rebuild the struggling company and leave a legacy for generations to come.

This story is a celebration of resilience and overcoming seemingly impossible odds—and, ultimately, coming out on top. For female entrepreneurs, unconventional CEOs, family businesses, and road trip enthusiasts, UnStuck offers hope, practical tips on managing tough situations with grit, and an irresistible comeback story promising that second chances are indeed possible.

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